Free yourself and we will overcome the addiction together

Fighting addiction is not an easy road, but you don't have to overcome it alone. We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire treatment path. From the very beginning, we will accompany you, advise and support you with the knowledge we have thanks to many years of experience. An individual approach to each patient guarantees a well-selected treatment option and the highest quality of services. Thanks to our qualified team of specialists, we are sure that we will provide you with the comfort and sense of security that are essential in the recovery process.

Victory is within you


What is alcohol poisoning?
Alcohol poisoning is the result of the toxic effect of alcohol on all organs and cells of the patient's body, impairing its functions and preventing normal life and functioning.

medical examination

Examination of the patient is a basic element of the visit. The examination includes, among others: measurement of heart rate, blood pressure, auscultation of the lungs and heart. If necessary, the test is extended to include many other parameters, including: measuring blood sugar levels.

water and electrolyte balance

The patient receives intravenous fluids that improve the functioning of the body. These are most often multi-electrolyte fluids - glucose, potassium, magnesium and a whole package of appropriate medications.

Removal of toxins produced
in the process of alcohol metabolism

Alcohol addiction is a debilitating disease. Therefore, hospital medications should be administered to restore homeostasis in the body - these include multi-electrolyte fluids - glucose, potassium, magnesium; sedatives, analgesics and antispasmodics, antiemetics, antidelirium, antiepileptics.

continuation of treatment

Each patient, after the visit, is issued a prescription to continue treatment at home. If necessary, he also receives sick leave.

What is alcoholic detoxification?
Alcoholic detoxification is a comprehensive procedure aimed at correcting water and electrolyte deficiencies, eliminating the symptoms of alcoholic delirium and protecting the patient against occurrence of alcohol-related epilepsy. Medicines are administered in the form of drips, oral tablets and injections. The selection of drugs depends on the actual condition of the patient.

Implantation of Disulfiram/Esperal
or NALTREXONE - the so-called "insert"

During drug implantation, the patient has 10 tablets of ORIGINAL Disulfiram or one tablet of NALTREXONE introduced subcutaneously.

Free checkup
after treatment

Each patient after the insertion implantation procedure is invited for a free inspection of the wound healing process and removal of the suture.


We offer you access to one of the most effective offices that professionally deal with the breaking of alcohol addiction and the installation of inserts. Professional alcohol detoxification is characterized by a holistic approach to the problem, both physically and mentally. During the visit, the patient undergoes a general internal medicine examination. The doctor determines what medications and in what dosage the patient should be given. We offer alcohol detoxification at the highest level - confirmed by the European ISO quality certificate.

Alcohol detoxification (alcohol detoxification) must be carried out by a doctor with many years of experience, and Meditus Lublin can boast of such specialists.


We always inform the patient that the causal treatment of alcoholism is psychotherapy. The insertion is a good complementary therapy.


and psychotherapeutic help
for patients and their families

The doctor will advise the patient on professional psychological help, both on an inpatient basis (addiction treatment center) and on an outpatient basis (therapy 1-2 times a week in a clinic).

Help for people
in conflict with the law

Help is available for patients who have gotten into trouble with the law because of alcohol. We will advise you on professional legal services. As doctors, we will indicate the correct course of action in order to undertake appropriate and effective treatment.

with Municipal Offices

We invite municipalities and centers to cooperate in the fight against alcoholism. We offer Disulfiram implantation for qualified patients who want to benefit from funds intended to fight alcoholism.

Meditus Clinic
Legalityand safety

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on several elements:
1. The person performing the procedure MUST be an experienced doctor
2. Many years of documented experience in helping people with alcohol problems
3. Legally operating office
4. Possibility to issue full documentation of the procedure
5. Possibility to issue a VAT invoice for the treatment
6. Consent of the Lublin Pharmaceutical Supervision for the legal use of drugs used in alcohol detoxification*

*consent required by the ordinance of the Minister of Health for major drugs


The treatment of alcoholism is based on psychotherapy, effectively supported by such pharmacological activities as: alcohol detoxification and alcohol patches.

Alcohol patch is a proven way to support psychotherapy throughout the entire therapy process aimed at breaking the alcohol addiction and facilitating the patient's return to normal life and health. Insertion involves implanting 10 tablets of the original drug in a doctor's office. Some patients remember an old preparation calledEsperal. The drug has the same active substance as Disulfiram used in our office. Alcohol tags are the only method that successfully supports the treatment of alcohol addiction.

It should be mentioned that both alcohol detoxification and the insertion of the tag must be performed by an experienced doctor in a legal office, then alcoholism treatment therapy is most effective.

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